Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do Something!!!

So as I mentioned yesterday we decided to just take it easy and be lazy. I'm beginning to think that may have been a HUGE mistake. The problem with sitting around doing nothing is you start to notice things. Namely you notice all the things you have been putting off bit by bit. Sitting around definitely lenghthened my honey do list by a mile.

Let's start with a project started but not finished. As you will recall we had a home owners insurance fiasco last month that left us with a laundry list of fixes that we needed to make. One of those was that our washer box needed to be replaced since the pipes were all rusted. The hubby did in fact replace the washer box but the new washer box was smaller than the old which left us with this-

My dad did bring over a piece of sheet rock so we could repair the hole but with the holidays we just never got around to it. It also means buying the same paint color at Lowe's since we will have to repaint the whole wall now and that requires motivation to go through the whole paint matching process.

Also during the home owner's fiasco we decided to be nice while we ran to pick up supplies and only close Blue in the bedroom rather than locking him in the crate. He thanked us by doing this -

(Notice he doesn't even have the decency to look guilty)
My dad once again came to the rescue and brought over tiles so we could tile the entryway to the room rather than replacing all of the carpet. The tiles are still laying on the front porch while the grout made it from my trunk into the dining room. Yup we're on a roll here.

For my next exhibit we have the closet door in Devin's room. While rearranging furniture in there we made impact which resulted in this -

Two months later and we still haven't rehung the door..but looking at the picture maybe I should dust it first...
The next one really is a doozie. Our sliding glass has been a PITA ever since we moved in. It was scratched all to heck and never stayed on track. I got a full body workout every time I had to open it. The first strike came when Joey was working on a job with my brother-in-law. I opened the door one day and the entire frame around the door came out. The glass popped out and it was about 40 degrees out. I managed to get the door back together somewhat but the glass never really fit in right. We started using the other side of the door just in case. Strike two was when Joey's dad came over and decided to use the wrong side of the door. That's when we couldn't get the door to ever shut fully again. Strike three was when we had stormy weather with massive winds. Those finally shook the glass enough to make it fall out and shatter all over the back porch. So, until I have the money to buy my gorgeous french doors I would like to put in we have this -

Thank Goodness for the curtains that keep it hidden most of the time!
Finally we have the flooring in the guest bathroom. Our house was built in 1978 and the bathroom is sporting the original, lovely vinyl tile from that era.
The Golden Girls would be so jealous!

Once again - we have a cabinet full of gorgeous designer tile that we have ready to replace it with. Unfortunately, this job is going to be  a bear. We have to scrape all the vinyl off since it has a raised pattern, take out the toilet and then cut and place all the tile. Neither one of us is looking forward to it.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing when it is working for you. Unfortunately for us we have a lot coming up very soon. We plan on having our housewarming party in March right after we buy our new living room furniture. Joey's aunt is also supposed to be coming to visit in the next two months and I am not showing off my house the way it looks right now. So it looks like yesterday was our last lazy day. It's going to be full speed ahead until my house looks like this -


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