Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yes Virginia, it does snow in Florida

We have had a bit of a cold snap here in Florida lately. By that I mean that the temperature here in my town was actually lower than that in Juneau, Alaska, Yea, that's cold! Now I don't mind cold weather, but I feel it should be accompanied by snow, hot apple cider and comfort food.

I have lived in Florida since 1991 and in all that time I have seen maybe three snow flurries come down and that was 2 years ago. Very anticlimactic. Instead we get these cold snaps that last two days and then its scorching hot again. I have actually used my heat and AC in the same day here! Crazy - I know. This last cold snap was different though - It hung on for over a week and it was a bitter bitter cold. The weathermen kept teasing us with a chance of snow on Saturday and I for one bought into it. I set my alarm for 6am, woke up peered outside and saw...nothing. I crawled back in the warm bed and snoozed a little longer. Then I went outside and saw this -

OH YES!! WE HAD SNOW!! I called my mom and dad, woke my sister up, ran in to tell the hubby. I was over the moon. It pretty much turned to sleet after that but I took full advantage of it. I made a mini sleet man. Pelted Joey with snow/sleet balls. I loved it!


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