Monday, May 10, 2010

A Buffet of Sorts (Alternate Title - I couldn't decide what to write about)

Today is our second wedding anniversary. I could write about our marriage and all sorts of wonderful things related to that but I already did. Last week. Here.

That would also require energy and effort I can't exert right now. I had to wake up at 5:20 this morning and was at work by 6:30 since Joey dropped me off today. He is using my car as the clutch is going out in his truck. We ordered a new one and $360 later the parts should be here today. Did I also mention that I am shelling out over $1700 at the dentist today to finish his dental work? And the $200 at the Vet on Saturday? No? Well that sobbing sound you hear is me since there goes my money for new couches. Maybe I'll just show off Joey's teeth and the dog's ass and tail that are no longer raw and bloody when people come over?

In other news, I was reading a book yesterday on what else - trying to conceive - and came across what the weight range I should be at for ideal fertility. According to this chart I need to gain 11 POUNDS. You read that correctly - I said 11! Do you have any idea how much weight that is for me? I don't even think I am capable of eating that much! Can I call my gynecologist and request a feeding tube be inserted? Maybe I'll just contact Wendy's instead and have them drop the machine to make these off at my house instead -

Nevertheless,  I'm going to commit myself to putting the weight on since it is important not only in order for me to get pregnant but also so I can have a healthy pregnancy. Joey is working on getting healthier himself to help our efforts along so I have to suck it up and do the same. Who knows? Maybe my boobs will finally get bigger too? (Hey, A girl can dream!)

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Cole said...

a frosty machine in my house would be wonderful! ice skating is so scary! cute blog. :)

nicole visiting from


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