Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why thank you - I did want some salt rubbed in that wound!

So, my morning started off pretty well. Got some snuggling from the hubby. The dog wasn't chewing himself raw anymore (after a $200 vet visit for his allergies!). I got a sweet text message from my sister wishing me a happy mother's day for being such a good stepmom to my step son.

Joey decided to take me out to breakfast so we hit up DD and had some iced coffee. Then we ran some errands, wandered the flea market etc. My parents called during that time to say they were coming over so we headed home.

(Insert storm clouds and dramatic music here)

We pulled up to the house and the neighbor was across the street. I swear to you that without a hello or anything she says to us - "You know what you need? A BABY!" My entire face fell and I was lost for a response at the time. Thanks a bunch lady for reminding me on Mother's Day of the one thing I have been trying so hard for and haven't been able to have yet. Thanks for ruining my perfectly good day. Joey pointed out that she had no idea that we are having troubles and I shouldn't hold it against her but if you don't know - don't say anything. It put me in a funk for the rest of today. In honor of her rude comment I have decided to start a list of appropriate responses to that suggestion. Feel free to add on -

"Sure - just hand over $15,000 for IVF and I'll pop one right out for you."

"We're actually both gay and just got married for the benefits package at work. It's all a farce"

"As soon as the courts clear me of those charges and give me the go ahead we certainly will"

"I'm sorry - I didn't realize that our sex life was any of your business"

"We're saving up for a horse instead"

"We're celibate"

"Why are you giving some away?"

Am I bitter? oh yes - ridiculously so. I still had a nice time with my parents and appreciate the hubby trying to brighten my day but people like that really get to me. Is it too much to ask that people mind their own business sometimes?


VKT said...

How incredibly tactless of her. You have to consider the source sweet lady. She can't put you in a funk if you don't let her. I had three miscarriages and then had my daughter at 35 after 17 years of trying so never say never.

I wish you had told the woman "I am waiting to see how yours turn out before we decide."

Have a great evening you lovely lady you. Enjoy your sweet stepson and your handsome husband!

Shell said...

Oh, how incredibly insensitive of her! I wish you'd had one of these comebacks ready.

Hen Jen said...

I am so sorry, that was really tactless, even if she didn't know.

I liked your first comeback!

cyber hugs.

Erin said...

Ughhh people who can't think, or let alone don't know how when talking to other people. What ever happened to a nice "hello" neighbor.
Stay out of my damn business, right? Love the blog, first time visitor!

Niki said...

Mothers day brings out the moronic commenters


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