Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out - The Money Pit

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In the past week I have spent an exorbitant amount of money.

Not by choice either.

It started off with getting our tax return! Exciting right? I was thrilled at first. We paid Joey's aunt back some money she loaned us when we bought our house, pretty much paid off our credit cards and I was going to get new furniture for the living room. After 3 years of waiting.

Then reality decided to rear its ugly head. On Saturday I had to drag the dog to the vet. He has succeeded in chewing half his fur off and scratching himself raw due to allergies. I went ahead and brought the cat too since I was going anyway. We ended up with 4 shots between the two of them, two physicals, a negative heartworm test, a new flea medication and a dog that is still chewing at himself. That cost me $200.

While I was there Joey called, the clutch on his truck was going out. His truck that we bought a year ago and he has already put 40,000 miles on. There went another $300 or so.

Monday - Joey had to get his dental work finished. Over $1800 worth. I paid half of that yesterday and the remainder will be paid when he goes back at the end of the month. That hurt - a lot. Joey's teeth have been an ongoing project for us. At this point I have probably spent upwards of $3,000 on them. Unfortunately his teeth were not well taken care of in the past and we are paying for it now. Fillings, crowns, root canals, fine scale cleanings, yada, yada yada - ching ching ching.

To top it all off, we are supposed to go pick up my stepson Devin next Friday from Mississippi. That means we have to have money to drive up there, for day camp, and to entertain him. I have no idea where that money is going to come from.

Why is is that every time you feel like you are going to be able to get ahead the shit hits the fan and you are right back where you started? I would really love to have a savings account again that has a respectable amount of money in it. I don't need anything ludicrous but enough to replace an engine or transmission would be nice. At this rate I better start looking at bicycles instead though! I know we aren't along in the money struggles and that we are blessed to be able to make ends meet. I just hope that one day we will be able to do more than just get by.


My Mercurial Nature said...

I can certainly relate! I hope for all of us that one day we're not always digging our way out of a money pit hole.

Tylaine said...

I can so relate! Will we ever get ahead? There's always SO many places for money to go!

Angie said...

One step ahead, two steps back it seems.

It can all seem endless. Keep plugging away though. (Good for you paying off most of the credit cards!)

Shell said...

OMG, can I relate. It seems like everytime we think we might actually catch up,something else happens!

Thanks for linking up!

Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy said...

Soemtimes it feels like there's a hole in the wallet...and money keeps disappearing. Argh!

Tammy said...

Payday was on Monday and I was able to put a significant amount into savings. I told hubby and was glad...he said after 12 years of marriage, we finally have a savings account that has $! He is having to do some furlough days soon and is worried about the non paid days. It can be scary. I keep telling I can go back to work but it just doesnt pay to do that right now. Hang in there, you are not alone. Thanks for stopping by today on my blog...I appreciate you sharing your weight gain struggles!

Kerri said...

If it's not one thing, it's another. We've had a big chunk sitting in our checking account and now - every little thing that can happen to zap it away - is happening BUT we are glad we have it to take care of all these things but we will miss it when we're back to paycheck to paycheck...


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