Thursday, March 15, 2012

Giving it Time

I have written before about how sad I was about drifting apart from my best friend.

No really I have. I did a guest post here and I've made references to it other places too.

It really bothered me but there was no way I could force the issue. We had reached a point in our lives that we were in completely different places. She couldn't relate to me and while I had been where she was I couldn't commiserate anymore. I wasn't dating, going out at night or anything remotely close. In the past two years I've either been pregnant or adjusting to a new baby. That is hard to relate to when you are single, childless and carefree.

So I just gave it time. We still communicated here and there on Facebook and with texts but no deep heartfelt conversations.

Lately though I noticed the tides shifting. She was responding more and reaching out to me.

So I started working on hatching a crazy plan that would get us together again. (She lives in Ohio.) I have a HUGE trade show I have to attend every year for work. This year it is in New Orleans in June. With everything that Joey has going on along with his son being here in June it was going to be impossible to have him take care of Jellybean too. (Also, I really didn't want to leave my baby boy for a week.) I tossed around the idea that either my sister or my parents could come with me but then the best option revealed itself to me. You see the bestie is a teacher. She works with autistic and special needs children. Her last day of work is the day I fly to New Orleans.

So I asked her if she'd like to fly down and join me. She could watch Jellybean while I am working and then we can spend the rest of the time together catching up in a really cool city. I let her know that Jellybean actually is a really good kid. (He really does listen well. He knows how to put toys back where he got them already. He knows what No, Down, and Come Back mean. He is still a toddler of course but overall a good one.) She assured me that a few hours with Jellybean would be a walk in the park compared to average work day where she gets hit regularly, death threats and things thrown at her. So of course - she would love to come be my "nanny" and then my bestie. Its really a win-win for all of us involved including my work. I'm going to run it by my boss but I've been quite candid about everything that is going on with Joey so I expect them to be understanding about this too.

I'm glad that our relationship has gotten to a point where we can connect again. That enough time has passed to allow our paths to run parallel again. I can't wait to spend a week with her and get to know each other all over again. This work trip is going to be the best working vacation I've ever taken!


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I am glad you are reconnecting with you best friend. It is hard when you drift apart :-(

Samantha said...

It's good that you are reconnecting. I've drifted away from a few best friends, just because, like you said...marriage & a kid.

FemminaDaVinci said...

This post gives me some hope. I have some new friends, but I have def drifted apart from my 2 high school best friends. Aside from the fact that we have all moved apart, they're both with boyfriends and who-cares type jobs... Whereas I've got a full-time job I can't just call in whenever to, am married with a kiddo on the way. I hope I can reconnect with them some day like you :)

Niki said...

this is great. it will be so nice for you guys to connect again,


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