Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Life Sucks

So - I don't know if my parents will be moving in or not. The mom seems pretty resistant. So now I'm considering a roommate. Maybe another single mom that would understand what its like if I can find one. I don't have much faith in anything changing with the hubby and I'm ready to take control of things and be proactive. So this week I'll be working on cleaning out Jellybean's "room" (i.e. where we keep his toys) and repainting it so that I can move someone in there. Then I can put all his stuff in the other bedroom after I replace the carpet in there and repaint.

So - when everything sucks its nice to just be able to look at this face -
and know that all the stress and the headaches are so worth it. 

When he runs up and gives me a BIG hug or a 5 minute kiss - I know I'm doing SOMETHING right.

When the tax return will be enough to cover filing for a divorce - it might not just be a coincidence. Even though Joey thinks that it will never come to that. He like to throw the word around as if its a threat and will scare me. He doesn't get that I'm already there. Planning. Ready.

Today though, its one of those sucky days. I have a migraine. My eye hurts. I'm stressed and can't believe its only Tuesday.

One day at a time -that's how I'm getting through this. 


Krystal said...

you're right - one day at a time :-)

good lucky girly!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

You are so right. Take one day at a time. Jellybean is such a cutie. He is so sweet.

Renegades said...

When things get horrible I'd suggest looking at Jellybean. It seems to me that would help put a smile on your face. Hang in there.


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