Saturday, March 31, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

I use to blog regularly.

I probably didn't have 12 or so really indepth projects going on at work simultaneously though.

My hubby also wasn't doing outpatient rehab three times a week after work and I wasn't meeting up with him at least two of those days so we can eat dinner and play with Jellybean at the park.

Jellybean also probably didn't get another ear infection during all that.

I also probably wasn't feeling bitter since my whole family was spending the week in the Florida KEYS while I was stuck at work.

Nope not bitter at all.

They are snorkeling. I scrubbed the toilets and folded laundry. They are sunbathing. I went to Target.

Its sunny and bright there.

It started raining here right when we were about to take Jellybean to the park.

Not bitter.

Luckily I am now watching Jellybean dip his string cheese in ketchup and laugh so that makes it a little better.

And we need the rain.

Its been like the Sahara here.

Not to mention it gets me out of raking the yard. That was next on the chore list.

Looks like Jellybean and I will be doing some Easter crafts instead.

Rough life but someone has to do it. Right?

I mean its not the Keys but I'll just make it my own bit of paradise, yellow fingerpaint and all.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ugh, gotta love when things get like this, huh? I feel the same at times! Enjoy those Easter crafts!

The Suburban Princess said...

I know what you mean. My best friend just spent three weeks in Hawaii.

She even invited to let me come and stay with her.

Except she forgot that I didn't have a nanny to leave my kids with, so I stayed at home, doing laundry and changing diapers.

Instead of taking up surfing and hula lessons.

Color me jealous.


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