Monday, March 12, 2012

FU Daylight Savings Time!

I preached my love to daylight savings time yesterday morning. I woke up a little after 8 and the Jellybean was snuggled up beside me peacefully sleeping. (Yes, he does end up in bed with me every night. He's such a  good snuggler that I don't mind at all.)

I snuck out of bed and into the kitchen. I had made pancake batter the night before so I took to getting breakfast ready before the Jellybean woke up ravenous. I managed to make all the pancakes and then moved on to folding laundry. It was glorious and amazing. This was how it use to be before the Jellybean decided to start waking up at 6am every Sunday morning.

You read that correctly 6 AM.

Only on Sundays.

Which conveniently has him going down for a nap right before the 9am Sunday Service and sleeping halfway through the 10:30am service. The kid like to play hooky from church already.

So the Jellybean woke up a little after 9. I thought we had made it through the time change unscathed. We played all day. I got him down for a nap around 1 and ran out to do some errands while he napped and his Dad watched him.

Played some more and then it was dinner and bath time. He cried through his bath because he was SOOO tired. So at 7pm we laid down and he passed out almost immediately.

Then at 8pm he was WIDE AWAKE.

Apparently daylight savings time made him think that was a nap.

After that he was up until 11:30pm. I tried EVERYTHING too. We went for a drive, we played, we nursed, we read books. The kid sat through an entire episode of The BackYardigans. Joey tried laying down with him. I laid down with him.

Then I cried - because I was tired. And I needed a shower. I needed to finish cleaning up the kitchen and to fix my lunch for today.

Finally at 11pm I had to stick him in his crib and just let him fuss it out.

Because Mommy needed her sleep too.

Jellybean was in a GREAT mood this morning.

I was late to work. I'm drinking coffee by the gallon and I had a Zone bar as my breakfast.

FU Daylight Savings Time. FU!


Sara said...

Ugh. I agree. I second your "F U"!!!!

The Suburban Princess said...

I'm right there with you. How can one little hour screw with you so much?


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