Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday 

Goodness Gracious! It has been ages since I've participated in a Not Me! Monday - and that isn't because I have suddenly become perfect at everything I do and no longer have Not Me! moments. It may have to do with the fact that I am now tired 23 hours out of the day and usually come come and fall into the couch with the hopes of never moving again and end up painfully neglecting my blog and all my wonderful readers. So without further ado - here's a few of my Not Me's!

My post is Not lacking pictures of our wonderful fourth of July activities because I would never forget to bring my camera even thought it was sitting right next to my purse. I would also never blame it on pregnancy brain which has Not become my new excuse for everything.

I made sure that everything I served my guests was homemade boxed or storebought yesterday just as they have come to expect. That means we had dinosaur shaped mac n cheese (leftover from when my stepson was here), a mushroom cavatelli pasta (Thank You Target Clearance!), Bush's baked beans and canned peaches. Our only homemade choices were the ribs, hot dogs and corn. Even the dessert was frozen cheesecake! I would never take the easy way out when entertaining!

I was also not offended earlier this week when my cat chose to sleep on my husbands pillow rather than mine. I am much more mature then that. I also did not make it a point to say that his dog curled up by me and stayed there the whole night!

So, what did you NOT do?


Miss. Candy said...

Your menu sounds mmmmmm!!!

Jenilee said...

oh, I did not do a lot of things this week. my post was quite long! :) enjoyed yours!


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