Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I had BIG plans to get a lot done this weekend. You know what they say about the best laid plans. Yea....so here's a recap of what did and didn't get done.

1) We made it to the Habitat for Humanity Restore where I bought the tile to finish our guest bath and caulk for $10 - compared to the 80 it would have cost at Lowe's. We're going back next weekend to get new sliding glass doors, closet doors and doors for the screen porch we're building.

2) We bought groceries and I didn't overspend for once. Of course, then I had to buy pet food so there went another $50! I also managed to make my mom's potato pancakes and they turned out delicious for the first time. Made breakfast and ended up with a bunch of waffles to freeze. Score breakfast for the week!

3) Celebrated that my boss was finally let go on Friday and I am actually excited to go to work tomorrow for the first time in almost two years.

4) Started some laundry and washed dishes while watching the Cover Girl Gymnastics Classic online.

5) Finally exchanged that sports bra that didn't fit me, bought a skirt and a few other things that will last me through my pregnancy and returned the eye shadow that caused this allergic reaction on my eye -

6) Made lunch and hung out with my parents and then got sucked into this spot on the couch that I can't seem to move from. Here is what the rest of the household is doing -




So, technically I am the most productive one right now.

Now for things that didn't get done.
1) All my junk is still not in the attic. That means that the carpets also did not get shampooed. Crap.
2) The dog still hasn't figured out we poop outside. I'm tired of cleaning up shit!
3) I didn't buy paint, rollers, dropcloths, etc to paint the baby room.
4) I haven't put clean sheets on the bed or done my laundry. I'll break down at some point tonight since I love clean sheets.
5) Didn't make it to the bank yet either. Shoot.
6) Still waiting on Joey (aka Sleeping Beauty) to clean the litter box so I can sweep and mop.
7) Didn't kill Joey when I said - "I need a maid!" and he responded with "We already have one - you!"

Now I will close with some things I have been pondering -
1) Why doesn't anyone tell you that when they say your hair grows longer and faster during pregnancy they meant that all the way around and not just on your head? I have never plucked, tweezed, and shaved this much in my life!
2) How is it possible for my belly to pop that much in 3 days. Remember Thursday's picture? Well somehow - today I have this poking out!!


Hello - Jellybean - you are only 3" big - how is this possible?? How much room do you really need right now?
3) How many days do you think it will take Joey to actually put away all the clothes he washed? Or will he just pull them all out of the laundry basket until he runs out?

Hope the rest of you are enjoying a lazy day too!


Tylaine said...

LOL ya it's pretty cool how fast your belly grows! I hated the stage where you just kinda look fat (not that you will :)) and not pregnant. Just wait till your belly button pops!
Too bad you can't put waffles in the mail....lol

Janey981 said...

And on top of all those jobs, you are also growing a baby! A very productive weekend : )

Adrienne said...

Awww! What an adorable little jellybean! :)

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Awww great baby belly!

A little late but wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and I am following you right back from Follow Friday!

Have a great day!


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