Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mike check one... two...Anybody out there still?

OMG - Am I the suckiest blogger ever or what? I left you hanging for an ENTIRE WEEK! What the H*!! was I thinking?

Well I failed to mention last week that my boss was let go that Friday - which in turn meant that I had a very, very busy week at work. It was full of meetings, getting up to speed on things, some more meetings and just all around craziness. I came home from work exhausted almost every day and had a few twists and turns thrown in. My blog was the least of my worries - quite frankly.

I did make the BIG announcement at work on Wednesday. Everyone was happy for me and I had fun doing it. So all and all a great day - right? Ha! If only! I tried to run out to grab lunch really quick before jetting back to the office to get some work done before my parents stopped by to pick up the boarding passes for my mom and nephew who were supposed to be flying to NY the next day. Well when I pulled into my spot at Panera my car kept rolling after I put it in park which I thought was weird but I went in ordered my food - TO GO and went back to my car. Put my key in the ignition and NOTHING happened. Oh $h*!! This is not happening! Call work, call the hubby for an hour before he picks up, call my dad to tell him no can do on those boarding passes and call a tow truck. $32 later my car is being deposited in my yard where the tow truck driver notices it rolled right off the flatbed despite being in park. Turns out my linkage had come apart which he snapped back into place for me - FOR FREE! Then when Joey got home he secured it back together with a cable tie. My dad managed to figure out how to print the boarding passes on his own and dropped my mom off in Orlando where my brother-in-laws aunt would be taking her and my nephew to the airport Thursday.

Thursday marked 13 weeks for Jellybean! Woo Hoo!

Jellybean's new favorite way to remind Mom she is pregnant is to use my bladder as a trampoline. I pee every 12 minutes or so right now. It's fun. Real fun!

On to more frustration - My mom and nephew's flight ended up being repeatedly delayed then finally canceled. My sister was able to get them booked on another flight and bumped up to first class but that flight too was a mess of delays. I finally rebooked them for a flight Friday morning still first class. Otherwise they would have gotten into NYC at 3 am and slept all day Friday. So another crisis averted.

With my mom out of town I'm on Daddy duty. Friday after work we headed over to my mom and dad's house since I promised Joey a fishing trip out of the deal. So me, the hubby and the dog headed out. AND then the AC in my car started cutting in and out! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Thoughts of how much $$$$ this was going to cost me started flashing through my head which meant I had to be consoled with Mexican food courtesy of Tijuana Flats. I bought my dad his first burrito ever which I think he thoroughly enjoyed. And Joey got to go fishing - where we caught baby catfish for 3 hours before heading back over to Dad's. Joey then proceeded to sleep for 17 hours or so while I woke up early, went to the farmer's market per Daddy's request, cooked breakfast, made Dad the stir fry he requested, baked him some cookies, took a bath, finished my book, walked the dog, cooked dinner, washed all the dishes and headed home where we watched a movie. Sigh - are you tired yet?

Today I woke up early again and went to buy the blower motor to fix my AC. Then I washed dishes and cleaned house while waiting for sleeping beauty to wake up. Once he woke up and took apart my blower motor we realized that the only thing which was wrong with it is one of our oak trees had deposited 187687368 leaves that somehow got sucked in there. So we cleaned it out, I returned the part and headed back over to Dad with the dog. This time I cooked dinner, took the trash out to the curb, washed dishes, programmed numbers into the phone, and did his laundry. Then I came home and finished doing our laundry, washed some more dishes and made lunches for tomorrow.

So - can you forgive me for neglecting all of you now that you see I haven't been lazing around?


S.I.F. said...

The car situation would have frustrated me to no end lady! So glad it got figured out!

Miss. Candy said...

Glad your ac was an easy fix!! Hope things at work go well with the boss change!!!


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