Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out - "If dishes were wishes, then I wish you many."

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So I always thought that I would be perfectly content with being a career woman. I mean that is why I went to college and busted my ass for three and a half years  and then continued to bust it in the job force. I continued thinking that while I was single and living it up and after getting married to the hubby. I honestly always pictured myself advancing up that ladder and the satisfaction it would bring.

Then I got pregnant with Jellybean and I started to realize that nothing in my career would give me as much satisfaction as getting to stay at home and be a mom. Unfortunately that just isn't feasible for us. We just bought a house a year ago, still have two car payments, my student loans, credit cards etc. Plus I'm the breadwinner in the family and my job is the one with the great insurance benefits. The reality of it sucks. I know that there are so many women out there that struggle with the same dilemma but that doesn't mean it will stop a girl from wishing.

The hubby does have plans for starting his own business that will hopefully one day give me the luxury of being able to stay at home. First though he has to go back to school and get a business degree so that he knows which way is up in running your own business. So for now I suck it up and accept that I'm going to be a working mom. But I'll still be giving Jellybean all the love and attention a child could possibly need - career woman or not. That is unless I win the lottery or a rich uncle leaves me some ridiculous inheritance. Then I'll be a kick ass stay at home mom - with some flashy wheels too! :)


Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Cheers to unexpected inheritances.

Seriously, though, you are a strong woman. Even though I am super grateful for my life, I also miss the pride that comes with being a woman in charge.

Stopping by from Pour Your Heart Out.

Shell said...

You'll be an amazing mom. Whether you are a working mom or a sahm.

My job didn't pay enough to justify me working, even when I just had one. Then, once I had 3, daycare was MORE than what I made. So, the decision for me was simple.

Thanks for linking up.

Sarah said...

As a "non-mom", right now I don't think I would ever want to stay home...I'm afraid I would get bored. We'll see though. I hope that you get your wish soon and good luck on the lottery! :)

Mothers' Hideaway said...

*hug* I hope that you'll be able to get your dream someday! Come tell us about your pregnancy over at Mothers' Hideaway! in our pregnancy forums!


Anonymous said...

You are a very strong woman! I admire what you are doing. You will get to stay home with your kids someday. This will all be worth it. :)


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