Monday, August 2, 2010

My new favorite hobby

So, over the weekend I picked up a new pastime. It's not something people would normally consider as a hobby but I've always been one to pave my own path. I also learned to look at this activity as a workout of sorts and really feel that my thighs and calves are really starting to get some nice definition to them.

So what is this amazing new activity that I have been enjoying so much?

Well - PEEING of course!

See some idiot somewhere out there said that the frequency of peeing actually goes down between 12 and 30 weeks. Well as soon as my body processed that information it staged a revolt from what should commonly occur. (This happens often) I spent pretty much my entire weekend in the bathroom. Luckily, I was seldom alone in there since the dog and cat feel it is necessary to follow me anytime I need to go in there. Actually the cat pretty much camps out there all day. He sleeps in the tub too. (Whoops...tangent...coming back around now!)

After being a little frustrated about spending most of my weekend on the toilet, I decided to look at the bright side of things. All that running and squatting has to count as a work out right? I also got a ton of reading done in there. I mean I finished two books over the weekend. I'm convinced that the pregnancy is doing fine and that Jellybean has a future in gymnastics if at 13 weeks in utero my bladder can be used as a trampoline. I also discovered I have a very patient husband who didn't mind pausing "The Bounty Hunter" 6 times so that I could use the bathroom. All that laughing from the movie probably didn't help things.

I know what you are thinking - just drink less fluids. Well see there are two problems with that. First off - I LIVE IN FLORIDA! It's been in the mid-90's here for the past month or so with a heat index over 100 every day. Drinking less is not an option unless you want a heat stroke. I actually turn my AC on in the car in the mornings, at 6:45, on my way to work. Why - because it doesn't cool off below 75 at night and the heat index is usually around an 83 at that time. BRUTAL! The second issue is that I seem to have taken on the characteristics of a camel during this pregnancy. See I think my boobs are actually water humps which are storing fluids and only let out a little at a time. So I can have 1 cup of water and will then pee 15 times from it. I'm actually considering displaying this talent as a circus sideshow freak act. Maybe a good way to save up for Jellybean's daycare costs...


Shell said...

It seemed like I always had to pee when I was pregnant, no matter how much or little I drank- but I would be more irritible if I didn't drink as much!

Niki said...

I pee all the time and I am not pregnant but I hate going all the time too especially at work. But you have to stay hydrated.


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