Monday, August 9, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie, Pyrex Dishes, and the dog

I thought I would offer you a recap of my very interesting weekend. By interesting I mean gross, disgusting and you may want to stop reading. Because I love my readers and would hate to lose followers I am sparing you any pictures of the events which transpired. Trust me - you will be thanking me for this later.

On Wednesday I made a chicken pot pie for dinner. Which my dad ate a slice of and Joey and I ate none. I didn't get to eat it because I had to pick up my Mom, sister, and nephew from the airport and Joey was passed out in the living room so he didn't eat either. I reheated it on Thursday for dinner, we ate and then I went to bed. Joey didn't clean it up which meant it sat out on the counter all day Friday. Including when Joey and I decided to make a run to Lowe's.

As I have mentioned before my dog is sweet, lovable and stupid. He also has a very sensitive stomach. Which is why I knew nothing good could come of what was going to happen after we walked int he door to a shattered Pyrex dish all over the floor and not a trace of chicken pot pie. Blue was smart for a second and ran to hide in his crate while Joey bitched and moaned and I just resigned myself to clean up duty.

Given Blues sensitive stomach I was surprised that he wasn't...ummm "going" all night Friday and all day Saturday. That is until we took him on a five mile or so walk Saturday night when we decided to go to Sonic...and it rained on us while we were walking back...and now my back hurts like a *****! I'm not exaggerating when I say Blue "went" 7 times during this walk. Then again Sunday morning and afternoon. You figure we would have been fine when we put him in his crate for about 4 hours to go to my mom and dad's right? OH NO.

I came come to an explosion all over the crate. Not what you want to smell when you're pregnant. More griping from Joey while I again clean up. Then I walked Blue two more times before bed. He also woke me up once during the night to go outside and I still woke up to dog $^*! in the guest bathroom. (Insert Joey's bitching here) Cleaned up while gagging. Walked the dog AGAIN. Then locked him the guest bath with newspaper on the floor and lots of water. I'm hoping the worst is over. He's been eating and drinking fine and hasn't been lethargic so I'm not to worried. I'll probably give him some Immodium tonight and see what happens.

Now aren't you glad I spared you the pictures?

So - what did you do this weekend?


Shell said...

What a crappy weekend.

Yes, I had to say it. LOL

I'm surprised you could clean it up. I was so sensitive to smells when I was pregnant, I would have thrown up.

Niki said...

Oh man that sounds rough. What kind of dog is Blue? He looks like the dog I want to adopt.

Sammy said...

Ohh gosh! Sounds like a terrible weekend. I can't even believe YOU were the one who cleaned it up the smell would have def gotten to me if I was in your shoes.


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