Thursday, August 19, 2010

Team Pink, Team Blue or Team Green?

First off let me say that I am amazed that I actually managed to get any work done yesterday. I mean my appointment wasn't until 3 in the afternoon which was just TORTURE!!! I do think that Joey may have been even more excited then I was - he beat me to the doctor's office by 15 minutes. Then we settled in for an hour and a half wait. Grrrrr..... One of the tech's had to leave so they were backed up. The upside was - she spent half an hour on the scan and gave us a ton of freebie 3D shots.

Well baby was being a bit stubborn at first. Upside down on the head. Keeping the legs tightly shut. Then with some careful poking we got the $$$Money Shot$$$. In fact the tech's actual words were -"Wow - That's impressive and big!" Joey lit up like a Christmas Tree when she said that! Yup we are having a little boy! We are very excited and ready to start arguing about the name! (I'm pushing for Nathaniel! Joey has nothing picked out. This should be a quick battle) The tech was also surprised when I said right there on the table - well we'll go for a girl next time! Apparently most women are not already thinking of their next pregnancy while pregnant. the men usually are up for it while the woman isn't so sure. It's been inconvenient at times but I'm enjoying being pregnant and want to experience it a few more times for sure!

Jellybean is actually impressive all the way around. He is measuring 2 days ahead at 16 weeks 1 day. His brain was very well developed (must take after his mom!) as well as his heart was. He weighs 5 ounces and all of his measurements were great. All of my family is over the moon and ready to start shopping. I also need to start shopping since I just outgrew my bras....again. I think its time to go ahead and get the nursing bras since they will last me through the pregnancy and beyond. We are lucky enough to get another scan in October so they can get a better look at his heart and face. That scan I will be getting the 4D dvd made since the only extra cost is $10 for the DVD itself. I found a daycare that I really like on paper. I still need to check it out but they are open to cloth diapering which is a huge plus in my book. Now I need to start the pediatrician search too.

Here is Jellybean's photoshoot -

Anyone have any other name ideas I can run by hubby?


Tylaine said...

Congratulations Diana! My first was a boy too....Boys are awesome!!

Sammy said...

Congratulations! We're expecting a boy too!

Glad everything is going well with your check up. His pictures are very cute!

MommaKiss said...

Oh sigh. I love new life. And I clearly love lil boys. Names...it's such a personal choice...I'm not tossing my hat in that ring!

Shell said...

Aw, congrats! More for Team Blue! :)

My trick for getting the name I wanted: wait to make the final decision until you are in the delivery room. Men are more likely to give in then. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, and congrats!! Boys are the best :)


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