Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PYHO - This is what you get, make the most of it

It seems I'm starting with apologies pretty often lately. I so did not get around to commenting on PINT last night. I meant to - I really did. But after taking the dog on two walks due to his crappy problem, cooking him a special dinner of brown rice, beef broth and dry bread due to that problem and also cooking our dinner of chicken and dumplings - I sat down on the couch where my wonderful hubby took pity on me and watched "Make it or Break it" with me and only moved again to climb in to bed. Maybe tonight I'll actually comment on both PINT and PYHO? I'm thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup with a salad for dinner so I should actually have the time to do it.

On to my post for today -

Shell over at Things I Can't Say hosts - Pour Your Heart Out.

Click over to her to read the Rules.

Katie over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple is one of my favorite bloggers. She has a great sense of humor and writing style. Her family recently went through a BIG change moving from Conneticut to Florida in order to be closer to family. While the move was a mutual decision there has been an adjustment phase that she has been blogging about. She calls it Operation: Bloom Where You're Planted.

I can definitely understand being out of sorts due to big changes happening in life. We are going through a bit of that ourselves. Joey and I have always done everything quickly in our relationship. We started dating in December of 2006 and we moved in together in July of 2007 but we were pretty much inseparable from the beginning, in May of 2008 we got married, bought a car together in April of 2009, bought our house in September of 2009 and got pregnant in May of 2010. Yep all that in a little over 3 years. Its been a huge blessing but overwhelming at the same time.

One of the things this pregnancy has caused is a change in our priorities. Babies are expensive. So is owning a house. I have lists a mile long of what I need to budget for - insurance, day care, new doors for the house, a hot water heater, AC condenser, new tires on my car, car registration, new furniture, diapers, clothes, paint, on and on it goes! It gets to me sometimes and I'm scared to see how we make it all work. I realized though that I can let these fears overpower me or I can learn to be happy with what I do have and make the best of it - no matter what!

Take for instance the new furniture wish. When Joey and I moved into the house the lady had left behind her living room furniture. Which consists of this lovely 70s print -

 Gorgeous right? See but the thing is - our couches were pretty beat up too and Joey didn't feel like moving them. We were going to get new furniture that looked like this -

with our tax return anyway so we figured we would just make do with the ugly furniture. Well Joey's dental work totally wiped out any hopes of new furniture so I got creative and came up with this instead (Cost - about $20 worth of fabric from Wal-mart and some straight pins until Joey finds his staple gun)
I actually really like the way the furniture looks now and if I can find another chair or recliner that's affordable I can probably live with this furniture for a few more years. Amazing what a little creativity can do!

Does that mean I'm going to stop wanting for nicer things and having dreams of winning the lottery? No probably not. But I have come to terms that I have all this to be thankful for -

The hubby
Our beautiful home and cars. (Don't those trees just scream for a wooden swing between them? I think I know what Joey's next project will be!)
My indestructible bunny Phebes that is still thumpin at 10 years old.
An almost 17 lb ball of fluff that gives me unconditional love.
This guy who is so grateful for the bland meals and frequent walks he has been getting after the Chicken Pot Pie incident.
and my sweet Jellybean growing away inside of me and turning my whole world upside down. (Along with the flour on my shirt from making chicken and dumplings...)

So, would I love to have a home where everything matches, it has a particular style and not 18,000 unfinished projects due to a lack of money. Sure. But then I remember everything I do have - my wonderful family 20 minutes away, my health, a good job, friends etc and I'm pretty sure I can be just as happy where I am now.


Shell said...

Beautiful post. And such a good reminder. I'm often thinking about the things that I don't have that I want...but really, I do have a lot.

Laurel said...

Like Shell said, this is such a good reminder. I was just thinking this morning about how a potential change in my plans that will leave me living somewhere I never expected to live doesn't thrill me. You've reminded me that I have the potential to be happy anywhere and that I have reasons for changing my plans. Good reasons.

Thank you for that. :)

Absolutely loved how you spruced up your furniture. And I can't wait to watch your baby grow.

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

I agree, it's something we all need to remember every now and then. Sometimes we have more "wealth" than we ever realize. :)


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