Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out - Letting People Go

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Sorry for how late I am in posting this. Its been one of THOSE days! I've had this post in my head for days now and I really need to get it out!

So, letting people go. No, I'm not talking about that in the if you love them they will come back to you sense. I am talking about those toxic people that you have given countless chances to until one day you realize enough is enough. For me it usually takes getting to that point where I know they have done something that I just won't be able to forgive. NO MATTER WHAT! I recently had one of those situations occur and I have really spent some time thinking about it. I kept hoping that if enough time passed my heart would soften and I would be able to look past the hateful things this person said. Then I realized that even if said person was on their death bed begging for forgiveness I still couldn't do it. That's how much it hurt me.

There were quite a few things that made the situation difficult for me. The first was the hypocrisy of it. There was a lot of the pot calling the kettle black but this person would never see it. Not to mention there was a sense of superiority and favoritism. Neither which I would like. I was also being made to feel as if my strength and refusal to bend my morals in order to satisfy another was a weakness. I'm not kidding you! I was raised to have strong convictions and know what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. I don't believe that just because it's family you can excuse someone's behavior. I also feel as if you are doing a huge disservice to your loved ones if you just turn a blind eye or let them stay in a potentially dangerous situation. That is why children are raised in negative environments and end up repeating the same mistakes they witnessed. I'll never be okay with any of that. (Sorry - off on a tangent there! Pregnancy brain!)

So anyhow, the part that strikes me the hardest about all this is that these type of people are usually the ones that consider themselves to be the "good Christians". They are constantly praying for someone and "blessing your heart." I don't make any claims to go to church every Sunday or that I'm a bible thumper. I'm a Christian and I strive to do what is right. I know that to be a "Good Christian" you can't just talk the talk - you have to walk the walk too. I don't think God ever stood for hypocrisy and encouraging weakness. I would hope that he could support my decision and now that I chose what was best for me and my family.


Shell said...

Eh, there's no such thing as a "good" Christian. We all suck(or fall short of the glory of God, but I prefer suck).

While I talked about forgiveness in my post...I didn't mention my father, whom I will not let in my or my children's lives at all.

Anonymous said...

Visiting via Shells blog.
I want to say good for you! That is one of the hardest decisions to make but you have to do what is best for you, no matter what. I admire you for it.
Following you too! :)

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

oh my goodness! You must have been reading my mind yesterday! This is so on-time for me!! Thanks for getting it out!

I'm new from FF! Enjoy your weekend!


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