Thursday, July 22, 2010

Texting Thursday

I don't know about you guys but I usually end up having at least one good texting exchange over the course of the week. I have probably mentioned this before but I come from a family that eats, sleeps, and drinks sarcasm so when my sister and I get going - you better watch out! This inspired me to start a new meme - Texting Thursday!

 Every week I will post an amusing, touching, or make you pee your pants in laughter exchange that I have had over the course of that week and I invite you to do the same. I'll be adding the code for the button to my sidebar so you can grab it if you'd like! Now without further ado - here's this week's winning "conversation"

K:      Good morning sista! Hope you have a good day! Love you!
Me:   Same to you! Hope you get some sleep! Love u 2! (Her thyroid has been acting up so she barely slept yesterday)
K:      Thanks! Me too! I'm looking pretty scary this morning!
Me:   Are you sure that's just this morning? ;)
K:     Well aren't we sassy this morning? Better be careful jellybean's already learning from you! :)
Me:   I know. that's why I'm making sure my zingers are good ones!
K:     Can't wait til you get it back tenfold!
Me:   At least its not fortyfold like with your 4!
K:     I was perfect so that's why my kids are so well-behaved. They just have some of S's antics int their blood...but mixed with my pure innocent blood it really dilutes it! :)
Me:   Responding....wait no still laughing...resp..ha. Can't stop laughing!
K:     What's so funny???????? ;)
Me:   Can't answer. Still laughing my ass off.
K:     Lol! You're bouncing jellybean all around in there!
Me:   Gymnastics practice!
K:     :)
Me:   Dominique Moceanu's rents have notning on me. They waited til she was 6 mos old to start training. Me - in utero.
Me:   Well, Jellybean has to pay me back for daycare somehow!
K:      Yep with antics, tantrums, demands mixed in with suggles, hugs, kisses & laughs!
Me:    No endorsement deal though?
K:      Probably not the best route to take..you don't want jellybean to get a big head....especially since big heads run in our family......:)   (I was one of those disproportionate kids w/a huge head and little body!)
Me:    What are you implying there sista?
K:       Ummm...nothing? :)
Me:     Uh huh. Do I need to disown you again? I haven't yet this week.
K:       You haven't? Wow we must not have talked much this week!
Me:     I know. Ah, the good ole days!
K:       I'll make up for lost time soon!
Me:    Sounds like a deal!

I swear to you that entire exchange actually took place! Can't wait to read what some of you have been saying this week!


cfoxes33 said...

This looks like fun. I'll have to try it.

jensays said...

happy ICLW, thank you for stopping by today

I am not a texter mainly because i have a phone that makes texting take foreeeever. if i had a keyboard phone, i would definitely text more


Sarah S said...

Happy ICLW!

I don't know what I would without text messaging, my husband works shift work and that is pretty much one of our main forms of communication! Some of the text messages we have sent to each other have gotten pretty crazy too!

Congrats on your BFP!!

ICLW #97

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Great idea!! Had one of those funny texting episodes this week...just need to get it together to post abt it! :) New folloer!!


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