Thursday, October 1, 2009

Come on Over

Note: I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos. They were all taken with my cell phone so deal! :) I promise my entire house does not really look green! Better pictures will eventually show up!

I am not a makeup wearing kind of girl. I'm more of your wash and wear variety which is why about every six months I end up with this -

Pink Eye

Yep - that would be PINK EYE. In me, its caused by not washing my makeup off. Stupid, I know but if you never wear it you forget to wash it off. So that meant no work for me yesterday. As luck would have it my primary doctor was also out sick yesterday so I had to trudge to the next town over to The Little Clinic but I also managed to get my tetanus booster at the same time so at least I got my money's worth!

So since I was stuck at home all day I figured it was time to give you all the grand tour of our new home. First the outside view -

Then there's the living room...

There is still alot of this left to do.

But our bedroom looks pretty good right?

Until you notice this -

and this...

and that we are using these for nightstands

because our dresser and nightstands are in my sister's garage.

We finally have our own bathroom

My favorite part of the kitchen is this -

Many thanks to Joey's parents for buying it for us as a housewarming gift.

I also love having an actual dining area -

and one of these -

Blue keeps losing his tennis ball under here

when he isn't living in here because of this.

We have an actual office/tattoo room now.

It's so nice having a second one of these.

Devin has his own room now too.

But our favorite part of the house is -

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. I'll make sure to have better pictures soon.

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