Thursday, October 8, 2009

How about an IV drip of caffeine?

You know how some people can be just a bit too healthy? They take a regimen of 56 different pills, steam everything and don’t add salt to any meal. Yea, I’m not one of those people.

Generally, I eat pretty well. I’m not a huge fan of junk food per say. If I eat like crap for two or three days in a row my body lets me know. I get tired, irritable, I feel sick and I start craving salad and broccoli and oh Brussels sprouts. (Warning: Do not ever let me loose at a Farmer’s Market – I am like a kid in a candy store. I will buy vegetables I have no idea how to cook simply to have them in my fridge!) So then I go on a health kick for a few weeks.

One of my greatest faults is that I LOVE to grocery shop. I was excited beyond belief to fill the pantry up in our new house. I go and buy groceries at lunch and plan out what new and exciting things I’ll be making for dinner. I Google recipes all the time. In the past week, I’ve made my first ever Peach Pie and Chicken Pot Pie. The week before it was black bean enchiladas. I have a binder full of recipes that I peruse like it’s a Tiffany’s catalog. I may be a foodie in disguise.

It’s not all high end in my world though. My favorite dinner ever – TACO NIGHT!!!!! I do not wait for Joey to be ready when it’s TACO NIGHT – I dive into that baby like it’s my last meal and hopefully there will be something left over for him once I’m finished. If not – tough cookies baby – you should’ve been quicker!

This entire food obsession is nothing though compared to the Sweet Tea addiction we have in our household though! (Note: If you live in the South it is not Iced Tea; any true Southerner knows it is simply Sweet Tea. The ice is implied and if you wanted Hot Tea – that needs to be specified; not vice versa) We were going through a gallon or more of Sweet Tea in our house a day. That’s a cup and a half of Sugar a day or about a 5 lb bag a week. Then I started noticing things, like how I kept waking up during the night. Repeatedly. I needed coffee to get me going in the morning more often than usual. I was fading by 2pm each day.

I had an epiphany then. I was addicted to the Sweet Tea. This wasn’t just a passing fancy either. I was into it hardcore – much worse than my simple Foodie addiction. I craved the stuff and if I couldn’t have it I was substituting with Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke. I knew it was going to catch up to me – I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Once the headaches started to hit I knew it was time to make a clean break.

So now I’m on the path to being a health nut. I swore off the Sweet Tea during the week. It’s water through most of the day except for an iced green tea at lunch and one at dinner. (Yes – I know that green tea has caffeine too. I’m making progress here people. Don’t judge! Pfft.) I manage to make Joey his coffee in the mornings and not get any myself. That caffeine is sneaky though – it almost convinced me I needed a delicious Vanilla Iced Coffee this morning but a traffic jam and an accident up ahead rerouted me around the Mickey D’s that would have led to me downfall. This caffeine addiction I can kick.

Maybe next I’ll work on my BACON addiction. (Ha! Yeah right!)


Kaye said...

Have you lost your mind???? You can't give up sweet tea...that's like swearing off breathing!!! Hmpff..and you call yourself a country girl!! Your next blog should be how you're a sorry excuse for that :)) Gotta go...refill my tea...extra lemon ya know :)

Di said...

You are so lucky I approved your comment. If you weren't my sister... :) I didn't swear it off completely just had to cut back. And I am a country girl - I have the fried chicken and bacon grease jar to prove it!

lifelove'n'wine said...

I love the binder idea! I need to do something like that:)

Di said...

I do a binder with sheet protectors - that way I can take the recipe out and not worry about ruining it!


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