Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serene Sunday

Sometimes you have those days that just don't need words to describe them...

Joey and Blue

Today has turned into a lazy day. I just got out of the shower. Joey and all the pets are still in bed. At 2:45 in the afternoon. All motivation and energy seems to have left us after our busy Friday and Saturday. I left for my Mom and Dad's after work on Friday so I could be a part of my niece's hair party for her cheerleading competition on Saturday. That wrapped up around 10pm and then we were back up at 6am for the cheer comp. Meanwhile back at home Joey cleaned the house until 2am with his mom. We trudged over to the cheer competition and sat through all the routines, cheered our heads off and then waited....and waited...and waited.. over an hour for the results. Then the announcer skipped announcing first place in Kali's division...it was all worth it though in the end her team took First Place as did the older squad and now they are heading to regionals. My sister and I screamed as if she had just been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. It was amazing!!

Karolina also finally got to stop by and see our new house for about 7 minutes on Saturday! :) They were heading to some halloween parties so it had to be quick.

The big plan today was to go fishing in the jonboat we have had for two years now and never put in the water. I ruined that this morning by making the mistake of asking Joey -

So, did you get a paddle or life jackets since we've never had this thing in a lake before?

Silly question, right? I just didn't feel like having to swim back to shore at 6:30 this morning. Joey went back to bed after that.

I guess I need to go and conjure up the motivation to brush my teeth, buy dish soap, and do other exciting things like fold laundry.

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