Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apparently I am incapable of consulting a calendar!

Now on to reasons, Diana is an absolute freakin idiot. (Or has massive pregnancy brain and lost her type A personality along the way!) 

So remember that super cool meetup I was going to do? Well it would have helped if I looked at our calendar for the next two months before I planned anything. Let's see, that Sunday I had the meetup planned for? Oh yeah, we have a wedding I already RSVPed for. The Saturday before that - My niece's cheerleading competition and one of my best friends from college will be in town. So scratch that weekend...
Also this month - one Saturday will involve a trip an hour and a half away to do my dad's carotid ultrasound, my other nephew's birthday party, our garage sale, a sister day, finishing up the baby room, and you know maybe relaxing somewhere in there.

November isn't looking much better - we have my birthday,the fair, a visit to the Central Florida Zoo with my parents (I promised my dad this one),  I'm attending this event at the Lowry Park Zoo, there's that whole Thanksgiving thing and who knows what else!
Now I'm starting to see why I have such a hard time actually getting together with friends - I believe that blessedly - our lives are actually pretty full. That doesn't mean that I want to abandon the whole idea of the meetup though. One of the things I am sure we are doing in the next two months is the Long & Scott Farms Corn Maze. If you are from the Central Florida area this event is legendary. I'm sure we are attending because I already bought our tickets. The only unknown variable in this equation is when we will actually be going. I would love some feedback from others so that we can try to schedule the meetup there and I will coerce the hubby to schedule accordingly. SO, what do you think?

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