Friday, June 3, 2011

Pocket Dials

The hubby just pocket dialed for the 93750947809750 time this week.

I felt compelled to send the following text message -

Dear Hubby's Ass,
Your conversations with me suck and it seems like you're not listening to anything I say which hurts my feelings. I think its best if you quit calling me.

Love, The Wifey

I think it was a fully justified text and I can guarantee he chuckled when he finally got it. Maybe, just maybe he'll finally lock the darn phone too!


Sara said...

I live in fear of pocket dialing people. Probably if I just stopped talking about people behind their backs, I wouldn't have to worry about accidently letting them hear it so much.... J/K :-)

Renegades said...

LOL to funny.

Nicki said...

Too funny! I yell at my son to stop ass-calling me all the time!


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