Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Questions Answered

1) Hey Diana – Why do you only post once every 273 days now?

Well fine reader, Jellybean had decided to start reverse cycling now. So in addition to working fulltime, raising a baby, taking care of the house, having two nine year old boys (my stepson and hubby’s nephew) down for five weeks and occasionally eating and showering, I am also up most of the night feeding the Jellybean. So once I roll into work my language skills are a cross between jibberish and someone with a pronounced stutter and I am no longer able to form cohesive thoughts or type anything.

2) Hey Diana – How can I look as fine as you do today?

Step 1 – Get no more than 4 hours of sleep
Step 2 – Make sure your back hurts from laying on your sides most of the night feeding a ravenous baby
Step 3 – To ensure the dry eyed crusty allergy look in your eyes live within half a mile of a major wildfire which makes your eyes burn constantly

3) Hey Diana – Why don’t you ever comment on my blog anymore?

Don’t take it personally. I haven’t commented on anyone’s blogs. I also have no idea what is going on in the world. As in my dad informed me today that there is a hurricane out there. Good to know, Dad. See number one for the full reason I haven’t commented on your blog. I am still reading when I can and I haven’t passed out at 7:30 while putting Jellybean to sleep.

4) Hey Diana – Why haven’t you answered my email?

See above.

5) Hey Diana – Why did you threaten the hubby with death at 2:15 this morning?

Oh, I had just nursed the Jellybean back to sleep and got up to use the bathroom. During that time Jellybean popped his eyes open like babies do in their sleep and would have closed them and gone right back to sleep if the hubby hadn’t noticed and said – “Hey man! What ya doing?” and then starting to rub his back. Which created a wide awake and whimpering Jellybean. I believe I growled at that point and snarled “You woke him up, you put him back to sleep!” Fast forward half an hour where I am handed the Jellybean – wide awake back and proceed to feed him for the next hour while the hubby goes back to sleep immediately. This is why I don’t own firearms as I may have been drawn to use one at that point.

6) Hey Diana – Did you guys finish your home renovations?

Ha! Ha! Snort.

That depends on how you define finished. My bedroom still doesn’t have a door on it. I finally hung a sheet in the door way last night. It also still isn’t painted from where the sheetrock was placed and mudded over when we moved the door. The floors are down in the living room though along with new trim in the main area and a new light fixture in the dining room. New couches will be delivered tomorrow. I still have stuff scattered everywhere though, a zillion things that need to be placed in the attic, stuff to drop off at the dry cleaners, carpets to shampoo, blinds and curtains to purchase, a dresser to purchase, a mountain of laundry that keeps regenerating every time I put a load in and a still unfinished back porch.

7) Hey Jellybean – How are you doing? Weight, milestones, etc..

I’m doing awesome. Mom had to take me to the doctor this week to get a little cough checked out so they weighed me there. I was 11lb 8oz. Yes that’s tiny at 5 months old but look at it from my birth weight of 3 lb 2oz. That means I have gained almost 8 and a half pounds in five months or almost quadrupled my birth weight. Not too shabby! I am also hitting all of my milestones. I roll both ways now. I can sit for a minute using my hands and I babble constantly. I love to “walk” and “stand.” Mom has let me try rice cereal a few times and I gave avocado a shot too. I’m really going to get into the solids at six months though. I play all day long at day care and am a huge snuggle bug at night. This Saturday I am going to a water park for the first time! Then next month I am starting my swimming lessons at the Y.

Much, much better. He has finally emerged from his grizzly bear stage and we are getting along again. We still have our moments but I think every couple does!

9) How do you do it all?

I don’t. I ask for help when I need it and there are things that don’t get done or wait for another day. We have chore charts that we don’t follow. Most importantly we plan ahead though. Dinners for the week are planned out. Joey has to drop the boys off at day camp by 6 am to be at work on time so lunches are prepared the night before, clothes are layed out and breakfast is on the table or ready to be made. We did cereal most of the week so bowls are filled with cereal, spoons are next to them and they just have to add milk in the morning. Last night I made waffles, put the toaster on the counter and had plates and syrup on the table so Joey could just pop the waffle sin the toaster. Most nights I will start on dinner and get things going then its time for Jellybean’s bath and bedtime so Joey will take over with dinner. I squeeze chores in when I can. I fold laundry while Jellybean does tummy time. I get exercise by putting Jellybean in our moby wrap and taking a walk around the neighborhood. My house doesn’t look like it use to but my baby is happy and healthy.

10) What furniture did you end up getting?

We ended up getting a sectional and ottoman from Rooms To Go. I was a little disappointed though that they couldn’t break up the package to accommodate our needs as I would have spent more if they would. They were offering a package that came with the sofa, a swivel chair, two end tables, a lamp, a TV console and a 56” TV for just under $3,000. Well we wanted to change the package by not getting the end tables and lamp or the console and having them place the sleeper sofa and ottoman in the package instead. Based on the price breakout it would have cost them the same but we were told they don’t break up packages. So although we purchased our couch and ottoman from there I will probably go elsewhere to get the rug, throw pillows and a chair for the room. We are also looking at getting a new bedroom set in the future but due to their inability to accommodate our needs I’ll probably look elsewhere. I also didn’t like the fact that you can’t schedule a delivery time so Joey is having to take off work to be there.

So we got this - 
and the matching ottoman for now.

11) Hey Diana – how did you lose the baby weight?

First off – proceed to hate me but I lost more weight then I wanted to and am now trying to gain some back. Now here is my guide to losing the baby weight. Lose 5lbs in 2 weeks during the 33-35 weeks of your pregnancy. Have an emergency C-section. Be separated from your baby for two days as he is whisked away to the NICU across town. Spend the next two weeks walking way more than you should as you travel back and forth between the Ronald McDonald house and the NICU. Bring baby home. Have baby develop reflux and want to be held constantly which keeps you from eating and forces you to walk 5 miles a day as he only sleeps when walking. (Thank God for my MOBY Wrap!) Start baby on medication. Cry in relief that he stopped screaming constantly! Get a stomach bug twice in two weeks which keeps you from eating. Weight = GONE!

12) Are you a Facebook addict?

Yes, do the nth degree. My favorite is finding old boyfriends and seeing that some things truly never change. I also love reconnecting with old friends and allowing family that is far away to see my little man grow up.

13) Do your family or friends know about your blog?

They know I have one. I had family members that lived away from us who were reading it for awhile but they kept stirring up drama from it. I don’t talk to them anymore so I don’t know if they still read it. I know I had a few friends who read it occasionally too. My family members will really only check it out if I tell them to. Although if there is friends or family reading – Hi!

Really well. He feels good and will hopefully be released to visits every six months as long as his blood work comes back ok from his next doctor visit in July. He has taken quite a shine to Jellybean and is the first to pick him up and play with him whenever I visit. I love watching him be a grandfather to my child. I saw it with my sister’s kids but it’s a whole different experience when its your child.

15) Speaking of family – when do you plan on adding to yours?

You are asking me this when I haven’t slept in almost a year now, really? The short answer is we plan on starting to try again once Jellybean is a year old. It took us almost two years to conceive Jellybean so I have no idea what the process will be for Jujube. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be slam, bam, thank ya ma’am. Or it might take my friend Mr. Clomid again. Who knows? Right now my cycles still haven’t returned since I am breastfeeding so it’s a crap shoot.

16) Hey Diana - your blog design is a little dated and you still haven't added Jellybean to your sidebar. Are you going to update it?

Sure, when I get around to it. Unless you're volunteering to do it for me. Then by all means feel free. I'll go back to tackling the reproducing like bunnies on crack laundry pile.

17) Hey Diana - I have a question you didn't answer!

Well ask away my friend, ask away!


Shell said...

Hang in there, girl! This baby time is hard and takes getting used to!

The Blue Zoo said...

I cant believe you even had time to answer all those questions!!

Kisma said...

Keep your chin up... your doing an awesome job!!!


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