Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

I am way behind on updating this thing but two days laid up with your back out will do that to a girl! Luckily I was pretty darn good at taking pictures this time.

There were a few momentous things that did occur in the past week though. Like Joey actually washed the dishes!!! 

At first I was thrilled! Mind you this was after he had slept until 2pm last Sunday but this was the first time he had washed dishes since we moved into this house. When I later went to put the dishes away - I discovered this -
Oil - pretty much still covering everything! Oh well - Bless his heart at least he tried. I rewashed the dishes and waited for my parents to come over for lunch/dinner.
Joey managed to stay awake for about 15 minutes when my parents showed up and then passed back out on the living room floor. I took the opportunity to shoot this little video then...

That would be my hubby sawing logs while we all stared at him. He woke up as they were leaving!

Blue and Cadillac both enjoyed soaking up some extra attention too -

My dad is probably Blue's favorite person. As soon as he walks through the door Blue brings him his leash. I am pretty sure he would leave us for my dad in a heartbeat!

To wrap up this completely nonsensical post observe the photos below and try to guess why the dog is being so obedient and attentive -
Can't figure out what that is in Joey's hand? Hot and Spicy Pork Rinds - we have discovered our dog will do anything you ask if there are Hot Pork Rinds to be had - walk backwards upside down and do a back flip. No problem - just hand over the skins lady.

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