Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The things I will try in order to make a baby

So I mentioned on Monday that I am on a mission to gain weight. Right now I am somewhere between 4'11 1/2" in and 5' and I weigh between 96 and 102 depending on the day and the scale. In my quest to make a baby I started doing some research and found out that women with a bmi below 21.5 tend to have longer cycles and more difficulty conceiving.

Guess what my bmi comes in at?



I talked to my ob/gyn office today and the last round of bloodwork all came back normal. Actually my progesterone levels were the highest I've ever had for CD 21. That is a good thing. So basically after all this testing we have found     -      nothing. Other than my longer cycles everything checks out fine. I mentioned trying to put on 10lbs to the nurse and she agreed with me immediately that it would help. The basic science of it is - more fat equals higher estrogen levels, shorter cycles, better lining and the body is better able to support a pregnancy.

Now I will admit to you - putting on weight when you have to is hard. We have extremely fast metabolisms in my family. I probably burn all the calories I'm taking in by chewing alone! It's also difficult to force yourself to eat more when you just aren't that hungry. I know I should feel blessed to be able to maintain a small figure but I truly think any sort of diet is hard. I also have a hard time eating junk food so taking the easy but unhealthy route of fast food isn't even an option for me. I would rather have soup or salad for lunch. I snack on fruit without thinking about it. I have worn a size 0 for over 10 years now.

I'm working hard at it though. I've been having half a bagel with a hard boiled egg for breakfast, I snack on nuts, peanut butter and pretzels during the day. Lunch is leftovers from the night before. I take extra helpings at dinner. Eat ice cream sandwiches for dessert. And my least favorite - drinking Carnation Instant Breakfasts.

For anyone that has never tried these let me enlighten you now. These suckers taste like chalk. You pour the powder in a glass, add milk, and stir. Then you have vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavored chalk. Nasty, don't want to drink you at all chalk. Then I remember - this chalk has over 200 calories in it. And suddenly - its come to mama you tasty drink!

So the next time you see a skinny girl like me and start shooting her a death stare as she sucks down the godzilla sized milkshake just think - she maybe having just as hard of a time sucking it down as you are that salad with dressing on the side. We all have our battles - just in different ways!


Sarah said...

OMGosh...never met anyone else who was TRYING to gain weight!!! I did that for a long time too!! I LOVE your blog and am definitely going to keep reading...my BMI is around 17...so don't feel too bad!!! Feel free to ask me any questions or anything...I have been on this fertility journey for a LONG time now and now we are finally getting some answers! Good luck and prayers go out for you!!!
P.S. my email is everyonessarah@gmail.com

Di said...

Thanks Sarah! Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I say I'm trying to gain weight! lol. We've been dealing with IF for almost two years now and it stinks. I have gotten no answers - everything comes back normal! Argh. Prayers right back at ya!

Shell said...

I remember my bff trying to gain weight, too. *Still makes me hate you both just a tiny bit* Just kidding...sort of. LOL

Good luck!


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