Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Soup For You!

This past weekend was one of those perfect scenes out of a movie. We spent the whole weekend together and really just enjoyed being with each other.

Friday after work we took the dog for a long walk in our neighborhood and then set out to go fishing. We had a very romantic dinner (Wendy's!) where Joey ate all of my fries and then we stopped by my mom and dad's to drop off some cheesecake for Daddio. A quick stop for bait and then we headed to the dock...where I caught....NOTHING!!! Joey caught two fish. I read my book and ate my mentos - then I got cold and crabby. I started whining, complaining and for some reason Joey decided it was time to go home! (Insert evil laugh here!) I crawled in bed as soon as we got home and let him go about cleaning the fish.

We ran errands much of the day yesterday. It was gorgeous outside so it was nice to get out for a bit. We hit the bank, the library (free movie rentals make my day!), Tractor Supply and Walmart. The pharmacy was closed for lunch when we got there so I treated Joey to another healthy meal at McDonald's - where he ate all my fries again! (I have managed to gain 3 lbs though on my gain weight to make baby mission.) Finally we headed back home. I planted some of my tomatoes since I am hoping winter has officially left Florida and let the bunny hop around the yard for a bit. For our date night we watched "Dan in Real Life" with Steve Carrell and Dane Cook. It was cute and pretty funny. For some reason neither one of us was all that tired so we lounged til after midnight and finally hit the hay.

Today I got up early as usual and started buzzing around. Finishing laundry, dishes, making Joey's lunch for tomorrow. I treated myself to a bath and finally Sleeping Beauty woke up. I decided to finally make some of these -


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies! They were heaven on earth and I doubt they will last past tomorrow!

After that the weather turned to crap and the sky opened up.

This called for trying out a new recipe and I went with Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup.

So, we start with some chicken broth and the chicken. Boil, then simmer. Easy!
Then you strain and set aside the chicken and the broth.
Take all this and fry it up in the pan for a bit. Took me about 10 minutes on medium heat.
Dump these in the pot.
Like this! Then chop some cilantro and drop that in with the oregano - 
I like the pretty colors here! (Kind of like a raccoon and shiny objects..)
Then you add back the broth and once again - boil then simmer. While its simmering - shred your chicken -
Then you get to dump the chicken in and you get this -

It's a fairly easy recipe and didn't take long to make at all. I used boneless, skinless thighs instead of whole chicken breasts which made the shredding process much easier. I would say the soup took an hour to make and another 20 minutes on the tortilla strips. I took a nap after I finished the soup since I read somewhere that it is a law to sneak a nap in on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

So once I woke up it was time for the tortilla strips. This one really is simple - heat the oil, slice the tortillas, fry and you're done!


Blue was of course my assistant in the kitchen all day while Cadillac did what he does best.

I am going to venture to say that the soup was a hit and is being added to our rotation. 

Joey ate two helpings and would have gone back for more if he had room. 

I also have leftovers for my freezer stash which makes my day. Next week will probably be entirely freezer meals which makes my world so so easy. These sort of weekends really just give us a chance to recharge. I'm lucky enough to have somewhat of a long weekend since I have jury duty tomorrow. All in all - its been a good weekend.

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Helena said...

Some good times! The soup looks and sounds yummy!


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